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Our team. 

With over 75 years of combined experiences in the building industry, our team is capable of providing the best building solutions available on the market today. Along with THE BIM FACTORY, THE CONCRETE FACTORYTHE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, THE DREAM FACTORY, our design, engineering and building ecosystem are like no other in the industry. 

We are the leading integrated building company in Vietnam.  

Our integrated team.

Real Estate Development.

Property acquisition.

Property management.

Market consultant.

Real Estate Development.

THE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY is our sister company which oversees the property acquisition and management for all of our internal development projects. This is where our project starts.

Design & engineering.

THE BIM FACTORY supports us with all the BIM design and engineering requirements as well as oversee the management of the BIM process.  The execution of our projects continues here.

BIM Technology.

BIM Design.

BIM Engineering.

BIM Process.

Precast concrete.

Precast elements.

Panelized systems.


Building production.

THE CONCRETE FACTORY is our subsidiary company specializing in precast concrete production work. TCF support us with our structural and non-structural concrete elements. 

Research & development.

THE DREAM FACTORY is a hardware-centric facility specializing in the creation of innovative products. TDF supports us by providing the latest hardware applications for all of our buildings.

Research and development.

Material Specialists.

Automation technology.

Equipment and hardware.

Our executive team.

Han Hoang

Founder | Chief Executive Officer

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Maryline Vo

Co-Founder | Chief Operation Officer

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Andrew Lam

Co-Founder | Chief Investment Officer

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Kristian Sannerum

Partner | General Director

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