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A whole new systematic approach to design and engineering.

How we do it?

Design is king.

Every building process starts with the design. The design dictates how our buildings look, feel, and behave. Therefore, we take design very seriously and we look to control the entire design process from the top down. 


Our team design the infrastructure, architecture, interior, structure, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection, as well as the landscape. Needless to say, we design or control the design of every component which makes up the building or the environment that we are working on.


This integrated design process mainly involves the understanding, engineering, fabrication, and assembly of the building. 

Our design approach.

We focus on the following criteria for better design solutions:


  • Simplifaction.

  • Multi-configurations.

  • Panelized systems.

  • Minimal site impact – in any leveled conditions.

  • Minimize parts and assembly.

  • Quality control materials and production.

  • Different tiers of production and assembly.

  • Integrated design, fabrication, manufacturing, and construction process.

  • Automation for design, manufacturing, and assembly.


Our services define our process.

Architectural design. 

Our architecture sets the tone for the entire process.  There are 2 aspects of our architectural approach.


First, we customize the design to fit the site and the surrounding conditions. This is our ideal process. When we are the initial designer, we are able to control the outcome from the beginning and maximize the layout.


Our second approach is to take over a client's concept design and make the necessary adjustments in order to maximize our integrated process.  Most of the time, this is the least efficient since we have to work around an existing design. However, our system allows us to freely adjust the design and make our client's vision become reality. 


Our general architectural approach is modern, modular, and systematic to our entire building process. We believe in simplicity and efficiency.


Our design maximizes the usage of the building while making it easier for us to build it in order to keep the cost to a minimum.

Interior design.

Our object-oriented design approach determines the typologies and set criteria for all of our interior processes. We design all of our interiors in a systematic way which makes the specification, documentation, and production much faster and more efficient. 


We maintain a level of design consistently throughout our buildings. From the fixed objects to the loose furniture, we create a standard for all the products.


Whether it's a dormitory for factory workers or a high-end 4-star hotel, our interior design process is set up to be fully systematic and functional for all types of buildings. 


Our integrated process allows us to control what we do and how we do it. When it comes to engineering, this is where things can get really complicated. 

Since we are first and foremost experts in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and the Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) processes, this advantageous positioning gives us a good starting point. 


Our goal is to maintain a consistently high level of quality and precision to the architectural design by maximizing the efficiencies, sustainabilities, and constructability of the engineering for every project we work on. 


Whether it's infrastructure, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, our approach to engineering will maximize the entire process.


BIM and VDC project construction management.

Minimizing errors and reduce all the costly issues during the design and construction phase, our BIM and VDC team of highly-trained managers, coordinators, contractors, suppliers, and sub-contractors are systematically integrated to deliver the most efficient solutions for all of our projects from design to construction to assembly.


At our sister company, THE BIM FACTORY, we utilize BIM 3D to coordinate all disciplines to minimize errors during the design and engineering process. When the construction starts, we incorporate BIM 4D to control the schedule as well as BIM 5D to control all the aspects of costs and budgeting of our project. 


Having used BIM in Vietnam and throughout the region for the last 4 years, we are confident when it comes to our ability to employ BIM and VDC on our projects. 

Modular design.

We believe in simple and effective solutions. Therefore, we can't think of a better approach then to design everything we build in a modular manner. 


From the structural components to the loose furniture we purchase or produce, we always look to employ and adapt our modular standards. By keeping our products proportional and modular, we are able to maximize the efficiency of the design and keeping the cost of customization way down. 


The economy of scale is the most effective solution to control and reduce costs, our approach is to be repetitive in everything we do, and mass produces as many products as we can.

Prefabricated and precast solutions.

A major aspect of our effectiveness comes from our approach to produce our building products in a controlled environment. This is where our prefabrication and precast elements are most valuable.


We partner directly with precast manufactures which can produce the highest quality concrete materials on the market. Leveraging this interconnected relationship and having the ability to integrate the production of our products right from the initial design stage, we are able to fully control the outcome and the costly decision of the entire process. 


In addition, our factory also has the capacity to provide prefab elements such as lightweight concrete wall panels incorporating fixed elements such as pipings, electrical conduits, as well as external switches and outlets. Other critical items which we will also produce includes multi-material fabricated exterior panels. 

Prefab & precast solutions
Automation technologies.

We believe the most efficient way to produce any type of product is through an automated process. This is how quality is controlled and the cost of production can be reduced. Our intent is to automated the entire process from the design all the way to the installation on-site. 


Although this is a futuristic type of thinking, we are currently designing all of our components and building systems with this automated manufacturing and assembly in mind.


By planning this far ahead, we are able to understand our immediate and future requirements for every component we design. This practice will eventually get us closer and closer to our ultimate dream of one day having the ability to automate the entire building process.

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