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The new standard of building for everyone.

Last Updated 2-May-2022 | [UTC+07:00] HCMC 15:21

We focus on delivering a simple and easy-to-use platform for anyone - especially those with no design, construction, or real estate experiences - to become builders, capable of designing a home or even an office block, with tremendous accuracy, quality, efficiency, and speed.

We do this with a single cohesive delivery process.

THE FAB FACTORY (TFF) - an engineering & fabrication technology company - leverages cutting-edge design, assembly and construction automation technology to simplify the execution of the building design and fabrication process.


We integrate highly innovative computational and DfMA technologies within the AECM (Architecture, Engineering, Construction & Manufacturing) sector to create a web-based building configurator platform that provides design, engineering, fabrication, and assembly automation tools for the construction industry.

Our AI-enabled platform allows the user to analyze site conditions and automate the integration of the design, engineering, construction fabrication, and assembly technologies of any building development project using our innovative prefab building components system.

Next-generation of cost-effective building methodologies.

We utilize an integrated process to simplify the design, construction methods, manufacturing technology, and assembly in order to make it affordable for everyone.

Our focus.

We are an integrated building company dedicated to providing forward-thinking building methodologies and approaches to reshape the construction market.

Our technology.

We believe everyone deserves a well-designed habitable space. THE FAB FACTORY is dedicated to achieving this goal and we are working on integrating all the mechanisms of development, design, construction, fabrication, manufacturing, and operation into a streamlined process that reduces the overall cost of building developments.


We call this unique process MODULAR FABRICATION TECHNOLOGY (MOD-FAB-TEC) and we believe it is a game-changer. By combining the benefits of modular design, prefabrication, BIM technologies, VDC processes and technological ingenuity, it is this integrated process that will, at last, make the delivery of high-end quality buildings possible and affordable for everyone.



Our factory.

A part of our Fab-build division of THE FAB FACTORY, we specialize in building the core & shell precast and prefab products for all projects.


Our core components are the base of all of our products. We start with the core, perfect it, mass produce it, and utilize it as the starting point for all of our design and buildings. This framework is important because it allows us to maximize the solutions for all of our building typologies. From dormitories to hotels to high-end residential, our core products are consistently high quality and cost-effective for our partners. 


Visit our factory (coming soon)

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The Fab Factory.

20-B Doan Huu Trung

An Phu Ward, District 2

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Tel: +84 28 3519 0091

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