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Our team

With over 75 years of combined experience in the building industry, our team is capable of providing the best building solutions available on the market today. Along with THE BIM FACTORY, dnb., and The Dream Factory, our design, engineering, and building ecosystem are like no other in the industry. 

We are a leading integrated building company in Vietnam.  

Our integrated team.

BIM & VDC solutions.

THE BIM FACTORY supports us with all the BIM and virtual design and engineering requirements as well as oversee the management of the BIM process.  The execution of our projects continues here.

BIM Technology.

BIM Design.

BIM Engineering.

BIM Process.

Architectural Design.

Structural Design.

MEPF Design.

Interior Design.

Landscape Design.

Design & Engineering.

dnb. is a design and build entity under THE BIM FACTORY. We provide fully integrated BIM design, engineering, and management solutions for all project types.

Research & development.

THE DREAM FACTORY is a hardware-centric facility specializing in the creation of innovative products. TDF supports us by providing the latest hardware applications for all of our buildings.

Research and development.

Material Specialists.

Automation technology.

Equipment and hardware.


Intelligent feasibility platform.

Generative building design.

Building technologist.

VDC analysis.

Financial feasibility.

Feasibility Analysis.

build-it-now Uses generative design algorithms loaded with building data and information along with built-in AI analysis capabilities to generate the most efficient design and cost-effective building solution for that particular development all within a BIM environment. 

Design intelligence.

Integrated Design System utilizes intelligent algorithms to organize input graphical and non-graphical programming data which gives the user the ability to customize the building information and optimize the most logical layout based on specific criteria.

Integrated Design System.

Design intelligence.

Automated design.

Generative design.

Algorithm design.

Abotix Technologies.

Automated Construction Technology.

Robotic Assembly System.

Smart Building System.

Robotics Engineering.

Building Assembly System.

Construction Technologies.

Abotix develops unique automated construction systems called Automated Building Assembly Technology (ABAT). Abotix focuses on integrating the BIM/VDC process from the fab factory to streamline the assembly process of the building utilizing the latest robotics (Qubots) and automated technology (mod-fab-tec) within the manufacturing sectors.

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