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What we do.

Let's change it up by rethinking our building process.

We believe in the integrated process. It has been proven that by working together as a cohesive unit from the top down to control the design, engineering, manufacturing, and construction, we are able to be much more efficient. 


Therefore, we created THE FAB FACTORY to control this entire process.


+ We co-invest with the developer.

+ We design and engineer with BIM and VDC.

+ We utilize the object-oriented building process.

+ We prefab and precast all components and assemblies. 

+ We reinvent the ways buildings are assembled. 

We are changing the ways buildings are designed and built.


We start with the core and base. We build the basic building components in the factory whether it's concrete, steel, or timber. Our object-oriented building techniques allow us to customize and design the items we utilize the most. 


Our Fab-build process starts with the design. We modularize and break-down the entire core and shell of the building. By systematically create modular components, we are able to produce our core and shell efficiently and cost-effectively for each project. 


Once we have the core and shell design and fabricated, we transfer the entire process over to our other specific FAB divisions in order to define their uses:







Our Fab-housing division focuses on 3 basic types of housing/dormitories areas; WORKERS, STUDENTS, and PROFESSIONALS.

This is the most efficient type of buildings available on the market today. With a minimal amount of land and design effort, we are able to use our modular fabricated technology and assemble the most efficient building to house workers, students, and professional staff.

We work along with large companies and universities all over the world who requires thousands of units to meet their workers, staff, and students' housing needs.


Our Fab-hospitality division focus on 3 basic types of hotels ranging with various quality; BASIC, MID-RANGE, and HIGH-END.

The basic range is equivalent to the standards of 2-star rated hotels while the mid-range is 2-3-star rated and high-end is up to 4-star rating.


With all of our types, we build the minimum spatial and standard requirements to meet the necessary standards based on our clients’ scope.

Utilizing the same FAB-build components and assemblies, we are able to make minimal adjustments in order to customize our building parts into efficient, spacious, and beautifully designed hotels.


Our Fab-commercial division focuses on various types of commercial building typologies; RETAIL, CIVIC, HOSPITAL, and EDUCATIONAL.

We mainly focus on completing the shell of the building while leaving the interior for the tenants to fit-out. Similar to Fab-build, we create the bare components and assemble to our specific design criteria.


Once we have the general design and components created, we focus on applications of different finishes quality in order to achieve the optimal results for our buildings.


Fab-living is an affordable and efficient technological-centric living space focusing on design simplicity while promoting physical interaction among the users and encouraging a healthy social lifestyle within an eco-friendly environment for our generation.


Our Fab-Living division focus on 3 basic types of dwelling typologies; Block X, Loft X,  and Live X.


Our Live X is our low-cost multi-level apartments ranging from 45 to 75 square meters units, and Loft X is our typical single-family duplex loft units ranging from 35 to 65 square meters ideal for couples who are just starting a family.

Our Block X is our typical city house unit in Vietnam with a plot area of 4 meters by 20 meters. These are micro-apartments ranging from 15-35 square-meter units and the X stands for the number of units each complex contains.

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