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It's time to re-think about basic living conditions for everyone.

The need for low-cost housing is higher than ever.

Quality affordable housing is out of reach for more than half of the population in Vietnam. 

Based on a report by the World Bank, there will be approximately 33 million Vietnamese who will be considered as middle-class by 2020. Vietnam with a median annual salary of $2,500 - $5,500 USD which is below the global average for a middle-class.


The affordability of quality housing is currently out of reach for the majority of Vietnamese. Nevertheless, with a fast-growing population, Vietnam will be in dire need of affordable housing by this middle class for the next 15-25 years. 

The problems.



  • 3 generations in 1 house.

  • The population is rising rapidly – foreigners and citizens.

  • Lack of land in city centers.

Substandard quality:


  • Economies of scale are not used for construction in Vietnam.

  • Old technology and processes.

  • Poor design and production quality. 



  • New metro lines will make suburbs more expensive.

  • A lot of waste – cost in production.

  • Inefficient process and management.t

A $32 Billion USD market for low and middle class housing in Vietnam. 

This number is based on the 52 million-plus Low-Mid-income Vietnamese at 4.1 people per household by the Worldbank report.


Even though Vietnam is developing at a staggering speed, however, the current new housing developments in Vietnam are built specifically geared toward the wealthy and foreigners.


Our objective is to focus on developing for this fast-growing population in order to solve this shortage of housing needs. 

A global challenge.

According to the 2014 McKinsey report on “A blueprint for addressing the global affordable housing challenge”, it estimated that 330 million households are affected around the world and, at the current rate, by 2025 the number of households that occupy unsafe and inadequate housing or are financially unobtainable by housing costs could reach 440 million household or 1.6 billion people worldwide.


With an estimated 90.5 million inhabitants as of 2014, Vietnam is the world’s 14th-most-populous country according to Wikipedia, and the eighth-most-populous Asian country. The population of Vietnam had grown significantly from the 1979 census, which showed the total population of reunified Vietnam to be at 52.7 million.


With this rapid increase in a population of relatively low-income citizens in such a short amount of time for one of the fastest developing countries in Asia, the need for low-cost housing and habitable environments is needed now more than ever.

The opportunity. 
  • Too long to build

  • Not fast enough

  • Too many entities

  • Too wasteful = costly

  • Poor maintenance

  • Too costly

  • Prefabrication with BIM

  • Mass production

  • Integrated process

  • Lean construction

  • VDC Facility Manage

  • BIM, 4D & 5D Process

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