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We are dedicated to reshaping the building industry

About us.

The Fab Factory is a fabrication entity under THE BIM FACTORY.

We are the first and only integrated building company located in Ho Chi Minh City dedicated to providing forward-thinking building methodologies and approaches to reshape the construction market.

Founded in 2016, we are designers, engineers, and builders working with regional manufacturers and suppliers to provide one-stop building solutions for our clients. 

Along with dnb., our design entity, we provide fully integrated BIM design, engineering, construction, and management solutions for all project types.

Take a look at our team. 

Our objective.

We established THE FAB FACTORY to re-think the way buildings are built now and in the future. We aim to fulfill the high constant demand for housing by truly making them affordable to everyone and not sacrifice quality by utilizing the latest advanced technology to make our developments efficient and intelligent.

Our mission.

THE FAB FACTORY aims to build high-quality and smart sustainable developments rapidly and at affordable prices for every needed citizen on this planet.

Our goals.

THE FAB FACTORY intends to be the leader in Vietnam, ASEAN and eventually the global market for integrated modular construction of low-cost housing, apartments, commercial retail, and hotels. 

Our plan.

We focus and combine six (6) unique categories which will separate us from our competitors and have been proven beneficial to the building industry in the last 10 years into a single seamless workflow:


  • An integrated (fast-track) process from a project management point of view called Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). This process combines various phases of the ownership, management, design, construction, delivery of the project, and operation.


  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) is known as an intelligent 3D design collaborating process for all stakeholders during the design, engineering, and construction phases of the project. Combined with IPD, BIM deals mostly with the design, engineering, and documentation phases.


  • Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is a wider version of BIM which combines BIM with the construction and operation of the project. VDC can be described as a construction management process which virtually integrates multi-disciplinary performance models.


  • Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) is a parametric modeling and fabrication process which takes the design from the computer straight to the factory specifically for manufacturing and fabrication methodologies. By utilizing digital fabrication, designs are realized much faster and more accurate.


  • Since we are Architects, Engineers, and Contractors working on existing projects for the last 5 years, we focus on creating a modularization of parts and products of the design, the production and engineering time can be dramatically reduced. This translates to cost-saving, less construction waste, faster delivery time, and higher quality control of the entire building process.


  • In order for us to gain a competitive edge over our competitors as well as multiple in efficiency, automation to our production and assembly will have to be implemented. We intend to be more and more automated as we gain experience.

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