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Han Hoang

Founder | Chief Executive Officer.

Han is the mastermind behind the visions and missions of THE FAB FACTORY. He has always envisioned of creating a building company which incorporates the unique aspects of design with the reality of construction as one cohesive process. Educated as an architect during his undergrad and later focused on automated technology during his graduate study as well as worked in both the design office and on the construction site, Han witness firsthand the ineffective segregations between the design and construction industries. Han always questioned this disconnect and knew one day, he would find a viable solution to fuse these two industries together. 


In 2017, Han founded THE FAB FACTORY as an integrated building company in order to solve the discontinuity between design, engineering, and construction as well as manufacturing and production.


During his graduate study at MIT, Han dreamt about an automated world where the design and construction flow seamlessly and autonomously generating the most cost-effective and efficient solutions from any project requirements. Han understood that in order to achieve this, design information and building data would have to play a key role.


Also a founder of THE BIM FACTORY, a Building Information Modeling (BIM) consulting company founded in 2014, Han knew that he would need BIM and other aspects of virtual design and construction to play a major role in the design and construction process in order to accomplish his life-long dream, 


Recently, Han also founded THE CONCRETE FACTORY in order to produce the most innovative solutions for precast as part of the production team, THE DREAM FACTORY in order to research and develop the latest and greatest use of materials and technology,  and The Development Company to acquire the much need land in order to develop. With the incorporation of these three entities along with THE BIM FACTORY and THE FAB FACTORY, Han's vision of a truly integrated building process is starting to become a reality.


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